facts about es vedra and atlantis
ES VEDRA - Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock island near Ibiza  

facts about es vedra and atlantis

Facts about Es Vedra and ATLANTIS:

- Due to extremely high concentrations of metals and minerals the rock island ES VEDRA creates a highly magnetic field, resulting into ’3th most magnetic spot’ on the globe, that may disturb compasses in the surrounding area and also may influence more sensitive individuals.

- The local Ibicencan keep one strong myth very much alive by spreading ’the secret story’, of ’Atlantis’, without including specific details of its whereabouts.
It is to be found in Cala D’Hort’s bay area, directly opposite Es Vedra but only to be reached by boat or through a difficult climbing trip but... since there are no maps available to point out directions and there are no charter boats that will bring you........you must be persistent.
Atlantis has a natural cave with a painted image of God Shiva, proclaimed protector to the cave temple. Many visitors to the island spent many hours unfruitful searching for Atlantis and that is precisely the magic of it. The ones that do find this mystical spot after a blood-curdling descend, experience a peaceful and spiritually inspiring spot, and they will be confronted with various art expressions, left by local, or visiting artists.

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