ES VEDRA - Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock island near Ibiza  

ES VEDRA Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock island near IBIZA
Es Vedra
Famous landmark and Mysterious Rock island -

The coasts of Ibiza are capricious with many bays, coves and steep rocks rising from sea.
East of the island, in an uninhabited nature reserve, a number of islands are located, such as the famous landmark Isla Es Vedra, little sister island Es Vedranell and other smaller islands Espalmador and Conejaro, where according to the legend Hannibal, the conqueror, was born. Definitely worth a visit !!

Es Vedra - myths and legends around this Mysterious and Magical Rock island

Located off the Southwest coast of Ibiza lies the mysterious rock island Es Vedra, almost 400 meters in height, made of limestone and surrounded by many myths and legends.

Some say: - it was the island of the sirens in the Homer epics
  - it was the holy island of Tanit, who came to Ibiza as Phoenician goddess of fertility and heavenly mother and became Ibiza’s patroness
  - that specific rituals were performed and sacrifices in her honor were made on Es Vedra
  - Don Francisco Palau (19th century Carmelite priest) retreated on Es Vedra  for some periods, where he claims to have experienced mystical revelations while meditating and having encountered unearthly light beings
  - people saw UFO’s over the island
  - the Ibizan Hippies say it is an ancient landing place for ’inter-galactics
  - Es Vedra is the tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis
  - part of Es Vedra was used to build the ancient Egyptian pyramids
  - one can make a wish as soon as the island ES VEDRA comes in sight.....

Facts about Es Vedra and ATLANTIS:

- Due to extremely high concentrations of metals and minerals the rock island ES VEDRA creates a highly magnetic field, resulting into ’3th most magnetic spot’ on the globe, that may disturb compasses in the surrounding area and also may influence more sensitive individuals.

- The local Ibicencan keep one strong myth very much alive by spreading ’the secret story’, of ’Atlantis’, without including specific details of its whereabouts.
It is to be found in Cala D’Hort’s bay area, directly opposite Es Vedra but only to be reached by boat or through a difficult climbing trip but... since there are no maps available to point out directions and there are no charter boats that will bring must be persistent.
Atlantis has a natural cave with a painted image of God Shiva, proclaimed protector to the cave temple. Many visitors to the island spent many hours unfruitful searching for Atlantis and that is precisely the magic of it. The ones that do find this mystical spot after a blood-curdling descend, experience a peaceful and spiritually inspiring spot, and they will be confronted with various art expressions, left by local, or visiting artists.


For many years rock island Es Vedra, set in extraordinary and futuristic sea landscape, impresses people extremely, already from great distance, so:

- In 1958 ES VEDRA was used in the film South Pacific (1958), playing the part of the
  famous ’Bali Hai’.
- The island was on the cover of the VOYAGER album, by Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells II), who lived on Ibiza in a house with a view towards the magical rock island. (nowadays Noel Gallagher)
- Through centuries this famous landmark and amazing viewpoint inspired many artists.
In the beginning, the ancient stone masons and sculptors, later followed by various artists from all over the world that came to experience the overwhelming nature surrounding the magical rock of Es Vedra .
Conclusion ES VEDRA is a MYSTERIOUS place

The mysterious rock island ES VEDRA is definitely a remarkable place where:

- many people experience a feeling of human little-ness,
  * great for meditation or spiritual dwellings.......
- some experience amazing cosmic powers here.......
- all visitors become conscious of a certain mysterious force that surrounds the place......

Ibiza is an island of mysteries and ES VEDRA is one of them.......both are considered places of transformation.
While exploring Ibiza, by tracking down the islands caminos in the countryside, most unexpectedly one can be confronted with the beautiful and Mysterious Rock Es Vedra when it suddenly appears in clear sight.
A boat excursion, often with glass-bottom, to admire the crystal clear waters, can bring you along the mysterious rock formation Es Vedra with its high rising and almost straight up going sides.
There is the opportunity to climb up for those who dare, for the views are absolutely stunning.
Most boat excursions start in Port Magnus, the port of San Antonio, and they guarantee an enjoyable boat trip with interesting visit to the impressive rock, which surely will be enjoyed.

Enjoy photos of a boat excursion to ES VEDRA below here:
map Islands of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell

In memoriam Sola Tidoo
In the same spot where the dead were honored in ancient times, on the platform in front of Es Vedra, on Sunday January 11th 2015, a very special farewell ceremony took place for Sola Tidoo, beloved artist, decorator, artisan, resident of Ibiza and friend of many...
Sola Tidoo's Farewell Ceremony in front of Es Vedra
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